The Role

Coordination & Curation

For the Work In progress Show 2018 of the Service Design Program at the Royal College of Art, Filippo Sanzeni and I took the responsibility to coordinate and curate the exhibition. For its purposes we created 4 teams, display and physical space, Branding and way finding, Keynote and experience, Print materials, where 17 people worked for in total.  We gave guidelines to all the teams, coordinated them to work within the deadlines, make sure there is visual consistency and strong visual impact communicating our goals and messages, consulted various groups about what and how they will be exhibiting and finally due to limited resources Filippo and I had to construct all the displays and components of the show, ensuring efficiency and quality.

This was a very stressful responsibility, however it was a great opportunity to bring my curatorial experience and background with my service design knowledge together, making sure that the experience of our visitors met the expectations and the quality we were targeting